MCDA-ULaval is a free tool programmed in Java that implements multiple criteria decision analysis algorithms. Supported decision methods are Electre II, III, Tri-B, Tri-C, Tri-rC and Tri-nC.

The current version is 0.6.1. The application is free and it comes with no express or implicit warranty.

    Features :
  • A system based on the concept of project. A project has sets of actions and criteria from which subsets can be derived and may contain many performance tables and many decision configurations. A few example projects are included.
  • Criteria with linearly variable thresholds for Electre III and TRI methods with a choice between direct and inverse definition modes.
  • Choice between cardinal and ordinal levels of measurement for each criterion.
  • Minimization or maximization of criteria
  • Interactions between criteria (experimental).
  • Importation/exportation of performance tables from/to CSV files.
  • Export as CSV the concordance, discordance, credibility and outranking matrices of a result.
  • Spider charts for performance tables.
  • Generate graphs from rankings in Electre II and III.
  • Sensitivity analysis of a decision's parameter giving the lower and upper bound of the interval of stability.
  • Scenario analysis and 2D block charts plotting of the results.
  • English and French localization.